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All South Dakota lodging establishments are invited to join SDHLA 

Lodging establishments and affiliated businesses are encouraged to join the South Dakota Hotel & Lodging Association - the only organization dedicated 100% to promoting and protecting the interests of the lodging industry in South Dakota.

Together we are influential and by joining forces, we can further promote tourism and the lodging industry. 

SDHLA works with various branches of state government to help ensure equitable treatment of lodging establishments. We continually monitor state rates to assure that the state employees and the industry are fairly treated. We have a strong grassroots effort to support our industry prior to and during the legislative session. We also have two full time lobbyists at the Capitol during the legislative session to work on our behalf and keep members informed about legislation that could affect their livelihood.

SDHLA has accomplished several notable legislative victories during the past three legislative sessions. In 2019, SDHLA worked with the Legislature as well as the Board of Finance to raise the state rate from $55 September-May and $70 June-August to $75 year-round. 
During the 2020 session, SDHLA drafted a bill to curb drive-by ADA lawsuits. These bogus lawsuits, which seem to disproportionately target hotels, have been gaining traction in other states and the Association wanted to proactively dissuade them here in South Dakota. The bill passed both legislative bodies and was signed by Governor Noem on March 30th, 2020. 
This year, SDHLA worked with 38 other groups to pass COVID-19 liability legislation. It protects South Dakota businesses from people filing liability lawsuits against business where they work or visited and accusing them of responsibility for their contracting COVID-19. This bill has been signed by Governor Noem in February.
In addition to lobbying efforts, members have access to industry information in association newsletters and networking opportunities. Another perk - SDHLA members benefit from our partner programs, designed to save members money! The association also provides timely educational events on topics relevant to the industry. 
Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, SDHLA has continually advocated at both the state and federal level for relief for the industry. We have participated in townhalls, television interviews, and the special session of the Legislature to ensure the state of the industry is top of mind for not only lawmakers but the general public as well. The association worked with the state Department of Health to identify hotels with capacity for quarantined hospital staff and other essential employees. 

Interested?  Contact the South Dakota Hotel & Lodging Association at 605-224-1330 or simply click here for an application!