Join - Allied/Hotel Vendors

Allied Member Program

Hotel vendors and service providers are welcomed and encouraged to join SDHLA. There are two types of membership available, Allied Member and Allied Partner.  Take a look at the description of each below and download your application.

ALLIED MEMBER:  $250.00 annually (Allied Member Application)   Allied Membership is available to any person or business offering a quality product or service to the lodging industry. Allied members receive:
1. Annual membership in SDHLA
2. Networking opportunities at SDHLA meetings
3. A subscription SDHLA's E-newsletter
4. Inclusion in SDHLA's online Hotel Vendor Directory
5. A link to your logo/websites in E-newsletters
6. Contact list of all SDHLA members 

ALLIED PARTNER:  $750.00 annually (Allied Partner Application)

Allied Partner status is the highest level of SDHLA’s Allied Member program.  Allied partnerships are available to businesses offering a quality product and/or service to the lodging industry, which help SDHLA members provide the best possible accommodations and hospitality to their guests. 
The terms of Allied Partnerships are reviewed and negotiated by the SDHLA Board of Directors. Allied Partners generally provide products and/or services to SDHLA members at a discounted price and also provide an opportunity for association revenue
Upon acceptance, Allied Partners will automatically be entitled to several marketing opportunities, including:
1. One-year membership in SDHLA
2. A subscription to the SDHLA E-newsletter
3. Advertising space in E-newsletter
4. Your logo and link on SDHLA website
5. Inclusion in SDHLA's online Hotel Vendor Directory
6. Networking opportunities at association meetings
7. Contact list of all SDHLA members
8. Recognition in South Dakota Hotel & Lodging Directory